"What thoughts went through his mind when his soul disintegrated in the descent?"
Arakiel 1

Arakiel was one of the Grigori who followed Semyaza and fell to Earth.


Chapter 02: The TowerEdit

As Enoch is about to enter The Tower, all seven Grigori - including Arakiel - appear before him. This is likely an illusion cast by Sariel immediately after his first fight with Enoch.

Of the seven, only four have anything to say to Enoch. Arakiel is not one of them.

Chapter 10: The Grave of ArakielEdit

When Enoch reaches his floor, both Lucifel and a Freeman note that they can't find nor sense Arakiel. Once Enoch discovers a shrine dedicated to Arakiel halfway through the floor, it is presumed Arakiel had died from The Fall. His body is said to be "strung upon an altar".

Arakiel is the second Grigori confirmed to have died before Enoch can battle him, the first is Baraqel and the third is Semyaza.

At the end of Arakiel's floor, Enoch instead battles Ezekiel.



  • The manga presents Arakiel as a boastful and self-confident angel who wished to live "contrary to God's will." He also wished to be revered by the humans from the summit of his tower.
  • Arakiel is one of three Grigori who does not possess any minions named after him.