The Arch is a weapon used by Enoch in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. It is the first weapon unlocked by Enoch. It is a holy blade with the ability to slice through anything.


The Arch is bow shaped weapon, except that it is held by the string and that the frame is the blade. The blade is shaped like a buzz-saw. When dormant, Enoch will fold it and carry it on his backside giving a suggestive appearance of wings. When the active blade will gradually turn red, he must purify the evil out of it by running his hand across the energy blade. As the weapon's power is reduced during its usable lifetime, the hilt will also discolor.


Ground controlsEdit

  • Combo attack: A combo attack that ends with a projective swing.
  • Charged attack: Projective strike. If done before the last swing in combo attack, it will be an ejective strike instead.
  • Delayed attack in combo: Guard breaking swing.
  • Delayed charged attack in combo: Enoch will dash towards his opponent with the blade in front of him.
  • Guard: Enoch will slightly contract the blade, giving it some relief.
  • Guard + Attack: Enoch jump while executing an upward swing. Can be followed by air combos.
  • Guard + Jump: Enoch jumps diagonally in the selected direction. Can be followed by air combos.
  • Boost Skill: Enoch throws slicing waves at each swings.

Air controlsEdit

  • Combo attack: A 3 input combo, starting with a double slash. Can be followed with a Guard + Attack.
  • Charged attack: Enoch perform a wheel attack inflicting many hits that can be prolonged by tapping the attack button. It ends when Enoch slams the ground with weapon.
  • Guard + Attack: Depends on the level of jump. At the first level of jump, Enoch will strike upwards, followable with other air strikes. At the second level, it will be a downwards strike sending the enemy back to the ground, followed by a landing strike.
  • Hold A: Arch Glide: Slows down Enoch's landing, making platforming section a little easier.


The Arch is balanced weapon so it has neither weaknesses or strengths. It does however have the Arch Glide ability enabling Enoch to slow down his landing, making platforming section a little easier.

Official descriptionEdit

"All weapons in El Shaddai are forged from crystalline heavenly knowledge beyond the grasp of humanity and possess supernatural powers. Among them is the Arch, a holy blade with the hidden power to slice through anything. Enoch must win them back through battle and cleanse the weapons in order to use them to send his enemies' souls back to Heaven."