The Azaz are Azazel's minions. They are not named in-game but like all other minions but it is most likely what they would be called.

After Enoch defeats all three, they proceed to merge and become the "Battorile."

Azaz GEdit

Azaz V
The first Azaz of the Azaz trio met Enoch in the tunnel that he fights. It has 2 wheels and attacks Enoch with a modified Veil.

Azaz AEdit

Azaz A
The second Azaz. It has only 1 wheel but it is still capable to strike with agility with a modified Arch.

Azaz VEdit

Azaz G
The third Azaz.

With 3 wheels, it first attempted to use its claws to attack Enoch, but it then relied on its modified Gale.