Baraqel 1

Baraqel is a Grigori who came to Earth to give humans magic.

He is noted for being the one who designed the tower used as a base of operation by the Grigori.


Chapter 02: The TowerEdit

As Enoch is about to enter The Tower, all seven Grigori - including Baraqel - appear before him. This is likely an illusion cast by Sariel immediately after his first fight with Enoch.

Of the seven, only four have anything to say to Enoch. Baraqel is not one of them.

Chapter 05: The Tragedy of BaraqelEdit

The leader of the Freemen, Sin, asks Enoch to help deal with Baraqel's Nephilim, one of which has now become the dreaded Fire Nephilim. Enoch agrees and makes his way up a tower in order to battle the Fire Nephilim.

Along the way, Enoch encounters a Freeman in search of Baraqel. He also overhears Lucifel report to God that he can't sense Baraqel anywhere in the tower.

After Enoch defeats the Fire Nephilim, a Nephilim known as the "Baraqel Nephilim" devours Enoch, who is saved by Methuselah. Lucifel reports to God that this particular Nephilim devours others in order to gain their power and also notes that Baraqel had been consumed by his own Nephilim.


  • The manga states Baraqel also invented how to distort space and use it as a hiding place. He initially wanted to hide a select few humans in case the Flood happened. Upon learning he had in fact discovered love, he decided to Fall.