Battorile is a boss encountered in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

The Battorile is encountered at the end of Azazel's floor. Enoch must defeat the Battorile in order to proceed to the next floor.


Battorile is the fusion of 3 alternate versions of the Azaz.

It has 3 forms, each form being weak to one specific weapon.

  • Battorile V

It has a bipedal form. It looks like Godzilla.

  • Battorile A

Similar to the bipedal form except that uses a wheel to move instead of legs.

  • Battorile G

Shaped like a futuristic car.


  • Battorile V

Weak to the Veil.

  • Battorile A

Weak to the Arch.

  • Battorile G

Weak to the Gale.