"Why does everything have to be God's way?"
"Your fanaticism blinds you."
Ezekiel render

Ezekiel is a fallen angel in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. She came to earth in search of a family of her own, taking on a gentle, guiding demeanor.

Official descriptionEdit

"Deeply moved by the personal love shared amongst families and between parents and children, Ezekiel was inspired by the warmth of that love and descended to Earth in search of a family of her own. No matter who she talks to, Ezekiel always displays a gentle, guiding demeanor, occasionally scolding others the way a mother might correct a wayward son. The sheer one-sided force of her love is occasionally enough to unnerve and even scare those she interacts with. Ezekiel animal familiar on Earth is a pair pigs that the fallen angel can transform into assorted monsters."


Chapter 02: The TowerEdit

As Enoch is about to enter The Tower, all seven Grigori - including Ezekiel - appear before him. This is likely an illusion cast by Sariel immediately after his first fight with Enoch.

Of the seven, only four have anything to say to Enoch. Ezekiel is one of them.

Chapter 03: The Mercy of EzekielEdit

Enoch reaches the lowest floor first which is Ezekiel's. He fights his way through various enemies and also encounters Nanna and her companion Neph. To reach the next floor, Enoch must defeat Foola & Woola, Ezekiel's beloved giant pigs.

Chapter 09: Enoch's IndecisionEdit

While Enoch's soul is in Heaven to purify itself from the vileness, Ezekiel and her fellow Grigori regain their strength and launch an attack on the Freemen, killing many including the leader Sin.

The newly-resurrected Ishtar launches a counterattack against the Grigori in response.

Chapter 10: The Grave of ArakielEdit

As Enoch travels through Arakiel's floor, Ezekiel battles Ishtar. Enoch also encounters another one of Ezekiel's giant pigs, named Boola. Ezekiel eventually defeats Ishtar and leaves her drenched in vileness. When Enoch reaches the end of Arakiel's floor, he battles Ezekiel.

Because Enoch managed to defeat her in her normal state, Ezekiel decides to change her outfit and transform into a more powerful creature. She is still defeated, however, and cries for her children, who disappear as a result of her defeat. This includes Neph, who is revealed to be one of her offspring.

Enoch purifies Ezekiel's soul and she is imprisoned by Heaven. She is the second Grigori to meet this fate, following Sariel.


  • "Ezekiel" is the name of a Hebrew prophet. Ezekiel is the central protagonist of the Book of Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible.