Fire Nephilim render
"That thing...eats people to gain their powers..."

The Fire Nephilim is an enemy featured in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

Fire Nephilim are born when a Nephilim devours its kind out of taste for death, the result of their unholy nature. As it swallows more and more, its taint deepens, until it grows and changes into a colossal Fire Nephilim, a harbinger of destruction that will set the world aflame.

Fire Nephilim have a multitude of powers, from summoning and controlling fire, to projecting beams of searing light from their many eyes. Their most noteworthy trait, however, is that they can devour beings to steal their power.

They are feared and hated by God and if they never existed, God would never have considered ordering The Flood.

Official descriptionEdit

"Though the Nephilim may seem charming, their fate is a sad and lonely one. The Fire Nephilim is a result of a Nephilim becoming wholly corrupted, turning in into an enormous, vicious creature. It is said that the beast's rage stems from its failed efforts in finding someone to care for it."