Foola & Woola render

Foola & Woola are creatures serving as Ezekiel's familiars in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. They are Ezekiel's beloved children, and she loves them like family. They are weak against the Arch.

A third familiar is Boola.

Official descriptionEdit

"A pair of enormous pigs who serve as Ezekiel's familiars, the target of his half-crazed motherly love. The blue-tinted one is Foola; Woola is colored red. To Ezekiel, they are her "beloved children"; she loves them like family, and they have apparantly grown to gigantic size thanks to his power. Enoch fights both of these masked, armored creatures simultaneously; their tandem attacks, which use the pair's size advantage to the hilt, are extremely dangerous."