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The Freemen are a group featured in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

They are humans who oppose the Grigori and seek to end their reign of tyranny. They are not fooled by the Grigori's deception and members try to invade The Tower to defeat the Grigori and free the Nephilim. The leader is Sin.

The Freemen were once championed by Ishtar until her death. They began waiting for a Messenger from Heaven who turned out to be Enoch. The Freemen scattered across The Tower provide Enoch with valuable information to help him on his journey.

During the ten years Enoch spends in Heaven to purify himself of The Darkness, the Grigori defeat and kill many Freemen, including Sin. Sin's adopted daughter Nanna awakens as the reincarnated Istar soon after, and the Freemen continue their conquest against the Grigori under Istar's rule.