The Gale is a weapon used by Enoch in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. It is the second weapon unlocked by Enoch. It appears to be associated with Raphael.


The Gale is a set composed of 6 projectiles and a floating ring.

The ring floats at the back of its wielder, enabling the wielder to control the projectiles.

Each projectile is composed of 3 shards grouped together, making a total of 18 shards.

When the Gale is idle, the shards will regroup into 2 groups of 9 shards aligned vertically floating on each side of the wielder.

The projectiles are commanded through gracious movements of the wielder in order to attack.


Ground controlsEdit

  • Combo attack: The Gale can attack indefinitely with no combo restrictions.
  • Charged attack: All 6 projectiles attack simultaneously, in a combo that can last up to 5 hits.
  • Delayed attack in combo: An overhead attack where a projectile will strike the target from above.
  • Delayed charged attack in combo: All 6 projectiles will attack from above progressively.
  • Guard: The shards groups together to form a long shield.
  • Guard + Attack: A jump with the projectiles spinning capable of projecting off foes away. Can be followed with attacks or a second jump.
  • Guard + Jump: Gale Tackle: Enoch will dash in the facing direction, inflicting negligible amount of damage. Can be done in the air.
  • Boost Skill: Projectiles will rain from above Enoch, hitting foes around him with numerous hits.

Air controlsEdit

  • Combo attack: The Gale can attack indefinitely with no combo restrictions as long as Enoch stays in the air, it will also slow down Enoch's landing fall.
  • Charged attack: All 6 projectiles will strike progressively. Can only be followed with a Gale Tackle or a Guard + Attack.
  • Guard + Attack: Enoch will land while striking the ground, inflicting damage to anything near it.



  • As ranged weapon, the user can stay at safe distance from its opponents and still attack them.
  • The Gale Tackle helps maintaining safe distance from enemies.
  • With no combo limits, it is the best weapon to score points. Its Boost Skill also provides the most hits.


  • Weakest attack.
  • Defense breaks at any attack, forcing player to rely only on Perfect Guards.

Official descriptionEdit

"All weapons in El Shaddai are forged from crystalline heavenly knowledge, wrested away by the fallen angels. Among them is the Gale, a weapon that flies freely across the battlefield like a looming tornado. Enoch wins back this long-range weapon through battle, cleansing it into a silvery wind that lashes at his foes."