The Grigori's Prison1

The Grigori's Prison is a location featured in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

A giant prison in the shape of a hand with seven fingers. Each finger depicts a face of one of the seven Grigori. Each finger is also secured with a shackle known as Michael's Ring, used to bind the Grigori to their prison.

The prison itself exists in Heaven but can extend down to Earth. Years after the Grigori fled from Heaven with the Fruits of Wisdom, Enoch is tasked with capturing the Grigori and returning them to Heaven. Their souls will then be imprisoned for all of eternity.


Chapter 01: At World's EndEdit

As Enoch descends to the surface world on top of the prison, he is instructed by Lucifel to unlock the prison cells. Since the "Michael's rings" have never been used before, they are rather tight and Enoch is allowed to knock them around a bit.

Depending on whose cell Enoch opens, Lucifel will give a brief description of that particular Grigori.

Chapter 04: Sariel's DeceptionEdit

Enoch defeats Sariel with the assistance of Uriel. Enoch then binds Sariel's soul and Sariel is promptly imprisoned in his cell.

Chapter 10: The Grave of ArakielEdit

Enoch defeats Ezekiel and binds her soul. Ezekiel is promptly imprisoned in her cell.



  • The prison appears as an extension of a full-bodied machine in the manga.