Isthar is a character featured in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

She was a popular figure among humans who rebelled against the Grigori. In an attempt to help the Nephilim, Ishtar was said to have died at the hands of a Fire Nephilim. Her body and her soul were then dragged into The Darkness, leaving only her skull on Earth. Her remaining bones were scattered by the inhabitants of The Darkness while her soul remained unsoiled.


Chapter 8: Belial's TemptationEdit

Nanna was captured by Belial and dragged into The Darkness. Ishtar's soul took the opportunity to enter her body and waited her awakening.

Chapter 9: Enoch's IndecisionEdit

When Enoch's soul is in Heaven to purify itself, the Fallen Angels took the opportunity to wipe out the Freemen. Nanna walks across a desert battlefield littered with corpses of the Freemen and stumbles on Sin's mask, Ishtar's skull, causing her to awaken as Ishtar.

Ishtar takes over the leadership of the Freemen. With her lead, the organization regains forces, and decides to attack head on the remaining Fallen Angels. Before attacking, Ishtar goes back to the sealed body of Enoch, revealing her intentions of "putting an end to their world of lies". This causes Enoch to return to Earth soon.

Chapter 10: Arakiel's TombEdit

Ishtar battles lengthily with Ezekiel but is defeated, and is in the process of being consumed by the vileness.

When Enoch reaches Ishtar, she tells him to continue.

Chapter 11: Semyaza's DreamEdit

When Enoch seals Ezekiel, Neph starts to disappear, causing Ishtar to shed some tears while saying farewell to him. Soon after, Ishtar gather her remaining strength and goes to find Enoch. She is also guided by one of the Archangels.

Enoch battles Dark Armaros and inflicts considerable damage on him, but Enoch loses his weapon and is unable to defeat him. Ishtar throws an Arch, thus enabling Enoch to deliver the finishing blow on Dark Armaros.

After helping Enoch Ishtar collapses, almost completely corrupted by the vileness. Enoch rushes to her and uses his purifying ability to remove the vileness from her body.

Enoch and Ishtar then walk together towards Semyaza's life support system and unlock it, but Lucifel reports to God that Semyaza was dead all along. Lucifel then reminds Enoch of his mission and disappears along with Ishtar.