Lucifel render

Lucifel is the deuteragonist and Enoch's guide in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. He's an archangel from heaven, with the ability to travel through time. He is voiced by Jason Isaacs. Although he is based on the fallen angel Lucifer, he is shown as a trickster like character who shares a friendly, comical relationship with God and Enoch.

He talks to God with a black cellphone.

Official descriptionEdit

"Lucifel is one of Heaven's greatest, if not greatest, archangels and has the ability to freely travel through time.
As commanded by God, he acts as support for Enoch along with the other guardian angels. He is quite fond of Enoch and is therefore very cooperative."


Lucifel has black hair, fair skin and deep red eyes. He wears a black shirt buttoned only in the middle, black jeans and black shoes.


Lucifel has the power to control time, such as stopping time to give Enoch some advice, or rewinding it if ever Enoch fall to his death.

Lucifel can also change Enoch's outfit if necessary.

He uses his power by snapping his fingers of his left hand and talks to God with a black cellphone on his right.


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