Methuselah saving Enoch

Methuselah is a mysterious black figure who appears in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.


Chapter 05: The Tragedy of BaraqelEdit

Methuselah makes himself known when Enoch first enters the tower on Baraqel's floor. The Archangels also detect Methuselah's presence and sense that he is somehow connected to Enoch. As Enoch makes his way up the dangerous and unstable tower, Methuselah's voice can occasionally be heard saying the phrase, "I've finally figured out why I'm here."

Methuselah also shows up before Enoch at least once to give him a weapon if he doesn't possess one. Methuselah does not appear again until after Enoch's battle with the Fire Nephilim. When the Baraqel Nephilim shows up and devours Enoch, Methuselah rescues him and tells Enoch that, "You still can't use your power yet," before summoning Ceta to deal with the Nephilim.



  • It is said in the ancient texts that Methuselah was Enoch's son and he lived to 969.
  • Methuselah only appears in Chapter 5 and is never mentioned or heard from again.
  • Methuselah appears more prominently in the manga as a near-constant companion of Enoch who gradually grows larger. He is confirmed to be the spirit of Enoch's son.