Michael is one of the Archangels as well as the leader.

He is voiced by Kazuaki Yuguchi (JPN) and Michael Glyn Murray (ENG).


Chapter 02: The TowerEdit

Michael comments on a huge stained glass picture depicting the Archangels. He is amused to learn how the humans view him. The picture of Michael shows him wielding the Arch weapon.

Chapter 03: The Mercy of EzekielEdit

Michael confirms Nanna's story about the Fire Nephilim, saying they will in time incinerate the world. He also reaffirms Nanna's assumption that Enoch is the key to Ishtar's resurrection.

Chapter 04: Sariel's DeceptionEdit

As Enoch passes through the home of the Nephilim, Michael says nothing can stop the Nephilim once they start devouring each other and not even God would forgive this. Michael also finds the Nephilim disgusting and tells Enoch that by purifying Sariel the Nephilim will return to oblivion. He urges Enoch to do this before the Nephilim become Fire Nephilim.

Chapter 07: The Cry of ArmarosEdit

Michael is shocked to see Nanna and Neph walking ahead in Armaros's floor. He wonders if Nanna had followed Enoch here.

Chapter 10: The Grave of ArakielEdit

Once Enoch arrives at Arakiel's floor Michael urges him to hurry, since Ishtar is currently battling Ezekiel and she must not be allowed to become tainted by the vileness and dragged back into The Darkness again.

When Enoch discovers a shrine dedicated to Arakiel, Michael wonders what went through Arakiel's mind when he burnt up during The Fall.



  • The manga states Michael is Lucifel's younger twin brother.