Nephilim render
"They're always in so much pain, and always so sad. And they're like that forever. Left on their own they eat each other and get bigger and bigger...until they burst into flames!"

Nephilim are creatures born from the unholy union of humans and fallen angels in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. Their very existence infuriates God, who forbade all contact between humans and angels.

The Nephilim appear as bouncy, blob-like creatures with two beady eyes and a small mouth. Their behavior is innocent and at times, comical. However, this cartoon-y appearance hides their true nature: the Nephilim are in a state of perpetual suffering, and this taint will eventually drive them to consume each other.

When a Nephilim devours enough of its kind, its taint deepens to the point that it becomes a Fire Nephilim. The exception to this rule is the Water Nephilim, the Nephilim of Armaros, who is at peace with himself.

When a Fallen Angel is defeated, all of his or her Nephilim will disappear.

Official descriptionEdit

"The worldwide corruption brought about by the Nephilim, creatures born from the union of human and fallen angel, has greatly angered the heavens. Their very existence flies in the face of God, who forbade his angels to directly interfere in earthly matters.
Neither human nor angelic, they are transient, unstable forms of life, unable to find a world or dimension they can call home. Despite their cute, bouncy look, they are lonely, solitary creatures. They come in many sizes, from the length of a man's thumb to the size of a mighty pillar.
They constantly wander the tower halls in search of companionship."


Chapter 02: The TowerEdit

The first Nephilim to appear guides Enoch into The Tower by showing him how to enter it.

Chapter 03: Edit

Nanna and her companion Neph appear on Ezekiel's floor. The two assist Enoch in making his way through parts of the floor.

Chapter 04: Sariel's DeceptionEdit

As Enoch traverses through Sariel's floor, he enters three rooms that house Sariel's Nephilim. There are hundreds of them and all three rooms are guarded by Sariel's Beloved, likely the mothers of these Nephilim.

Once Enoch defeats Sariel, all of Sariel's Nephilim disappear.

Chapter 05: The Tragedy of BaraqelEdit

When Enoch arrives in Baraqel's floor, Sin begs Enoch to deal with the Fire Nephilim rampaging on this floor.

Chapter 07: The Cry of ArmarosEdit

Enoch encounters Armaros's Water Nephilim.

Chapter 09: Enoch's IndecisionEdit

Neph is seen alongside Nanna while they wait for Enoch's soul to return from Heaven.

Chapter 10: The Grave of ArakielEdit

At the end of Arakiel's floor, Enoch encounters a heavily-tainted Ishtar and Neph. Ishtar urges Enoch to defeat Ezekiel. Once Enoch does, all of Ezekiel's children, including Neph, disappear.


  • Nanna's companion Neph is the only Nephilim to be given a name.