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The Prophecies of Ishtar were left by Ishtar, before her death caused by the Fire Nephilims.

Those records are considered literature masterpieces by the Freemen.

Not all the Prophecies content are known, since others refers to Enoch and the defeat of the Grigori.

Prophecies of Ishtar 1Edit

I heard the voice of God.

"This world is a false prison, created by the Fallen Angels."

"The souls of all will descend into The Darkness."

Prophecies of Ishtar 2Edit

They became the Freemen.

The Fallen Angels became angry and rebuked us. I knew then that God's Word was true.

Prophecies of Ishtar 3Edit

A prince appeared in the Darkness, hungry for the souls of people.

He made a pact with the Fallen Angels and lent them his aid.

Prophecies of Ishtar 4Edit

The new world is connected to The Darkness. The souls of those who die fall into it.

The people do not realize the dead do not ascend to Heaven.

The Fallen Angels notice too late that people become denizens of The Darkness.

Prophecies of Ishtar 5Edit

The Nephilim are the offspring of angels and humans.

Neither angel or human, they are at first small and immortal.

Prophecies of Ishtar 6Edit

My soul wanders The Darkness but does not rot. It awaits my resurrection.

A Nephilim sees the one I will become.

Seeking a peaceful death, the Nephilim protects the person I will become.

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