Archangels stained glass

The Archangels are a group of characters who support Enoch by providing advice during his travels in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

Uriel can sometime even assist Enoch during combat.

Official description Edit

"A reliable team of angels that watch Enoch's journey from the side and offer him helpful advice.
As they possess no physical form, they come to earth in the shape of swans and guide Enoch with their divine voice."

Members Edit

  • Gabriel (voiced by Kirsty Mitchell) - from the Hebrew characters meaning "God is my strength". It is implied from Michael's description that she is an archangel of wisdom, and appears to be associated with the Veil weapon. In classic angelology, Gabriel is considered a saint and an archangel of communication and messages. Gabriel is named in the Bible as the angel who visited the Virgin Mary to announce the coming of Jesus, and announced the birth of John the Baptist to his father, Zechariah. The Quran also names Gabriel as the angel who anointed Muhammad as God's final messenger. Traditionally, Gabriel is depicted as a male angel, but there have been instances of Gabriel being shown as a female angel, as in El Shaddai.
  • Michael (voiced by Martin Glyn Murray) - from the Hebrew characters meaning "Who is there like God?" Michael is the leader of the archangels, and is associated with the Arch weapon. In classic angelology, Michael is considered a saint and the archangel of courage and brave acts, and is named in the Bible as the protector of Israel. He is most famous for defeating the Devil in the war of heaven, and for his patronage of police officers, soldiers and firemen.
  • Raphael (voiced by Adam Sopp) - from the Hebrew characters meaning "God Heals". It is implied from Michael's description that he is the angel of kindness, and is associated with the Gale weapon. This likely comes from Raphael's reputation as the friendliest of the angels. In classic angelology, Raphael is a saint and the archangel of mercy, travel, doctors, the young and healing. In the Biblical Book of Tobit, Raphael acted as the companion of a young man, Tobias, and aided him in defeating a demon tormenting his new bride, Sarah. Raphael additionally healed Tobias's father of blindness before revealing his true self to the boy.
  • Uriel (voiced by Christopher Obi) - from the Hebrew characters meaning "Flame of God". Uriel is the archangel of warfare, and can grant Enoch his power in Overboost to help defeat enemies. In classic angelology, Uriel is also called Auriel/Oriel, and is the angel of poetry and sunlight. While not appearing in the Bible, he is mentioned in John Milton's classic epic "Paradise Lost", in which Uriel is tricked into letting the Devil come to Earth.

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