Raphael is one of the Archangels and known for his kindness.


Chapter 02: The TowerEdit

A huge stained glass picture inside The Tower depicts the Archangels. As Enoch passes the picture of Raphael, Michael comments that "the kindness in Raphael's heart is perfectly plain." He is shown to be associated with the Gale weapon.

Chapter 03: The Mercy of EzekielEdit

Once Enoch encounters the Souls of the Beloved, Raphael advises him on how to deal with them. He later detects the presence of a little girl and tells Enoch she is looking for him.

Chapter 04: Sariel's DeceptionEdit

Raphael laments the miserable existence of Sariel's Beloved, souls of Sariel's lovers who are bound to him even in death.

Chapter 05: Tragedy of BaraqelEdit

As Enoch approaches the Fire Nephilim, Raphael urges him to seek higher ground. He encourages Enoch to reach the top of a nearby tower in hopes of purifying the Nephilim from up there.