Souls of the Beloved render

Souls of the Beloved is a creature El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. They are the souls of the dead lovers of the fallen angel Sariel, and the mothers of his Nephilim offspring. Their extreme love for Sariel keeps their spirits bound to him instead of passing on to the afterlife. These spirits are fiercely loyal to their former love, and will attack anyone who threatens the angel they worship.

Official descriptionEdit

"The women that Sariel fell in love with are themselves enthralled with the fallen angel. Even though their love exists only in soul form now, they still wander the lands, attacking Enoch in order to keep their lover safe."

Appearance Edit

The Souls of the Beloved hold the form of ghostly, greyish women with flowing hair, floating about Sariel's realm in the Tower.

Story Edit

Chapter 4: Sariel's Deception Edit

The Souls of the Beloved appear prominently in this chapter. As Enoch attempts to navigate a chamber filled with the playful Nephilim, the Beloved, realizing Enoch is hostile to Sariel, taunt him, believing him unable to conquer the former watcher. They will additionally attack him if they come close to Enoch. Blows from any of Enoch's weapons will destroy these vindictive spirits.

Once Sariel is finally beaten by Enoch, the Beloved appear, crying out in anguish over their lover's defeat. Sariel expressed deep regret for failing his people, and his former loves confirm the prophecies of Ishtar before bidding Sariel goodbye. With Sariel's defeat, his and the Beloved's Nephilim children vanish forever.

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