Souls of the Beloved render

Souls of the Beloved are enemies featured in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

They are the souls of the dead lovers, some of which belong to Sariel. Aside from these souls, most are bound to The Tower by the power of darkness.

Official descriptionEdit

"You'll find wandering souls inside the Tower, caught up in the power of darkness and doomed to stalk the hallways forever. You'll be paralyzed if you touch one, and the only way to get free is to keep struggling and moving your body as much as possible."
"The women that Sariel fell in love with are themselves enthralled with the fallen angel. Even though their love exists only in soul form now, they still wander the lands, attacking Enoch in order to keep their lover safe."


Chapter 4: Sariel's Deception Edit

A variation known as Sariel's Beloved appears prominently in this chapter.