The Darkness 1

The Darkness is a location featured in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

It is the realm of Belial. Because of Belial's pact with the Grigori, it also the final resting place for deceased humans. Ishtar ended up here after her death, leaving behind bone fragments that became known as the "Prophecies of Ishtar."

Official descriptionEdit

"If you want to escape The Darkness, jump up to a foothold. If the vileness seeping up from below ensnares you, your very soul will be corrupted by the dark."


Chapter 03: The Mercy of EzekielEdit

Enoch finds a prophecy of Istar concerning the fallen angels.

Chapter 04: Sariel's DeceptionEdit

Enoch finds a prophecy of Istar concerning concerning a "Prince" who made a pact with the fallen angels.

Chapter 05: The Tragedy of BaraqelEdit

Enoch finds a prophecy of Istar concerning the truth that the souls of the dead actually fall into The Darkness.

Chapter 07: The Cry of ArmarosEdit

During Enoch's fight with Armaros, Belial captures Nanna and drags her into The Darkness in order to lure Enoch to him. The bait works despite Lucifel's protests.

Chapter 08: Belial's TemptationEdit

Armaros, with the blessing of the Archangels, enters The Darkness to rescue both Enoch and Nanna. Armaros can still find a prophecy of Istar if he enters a portal. Istar's untainted soul also finds Nanna and enters her.

Enoch is found to have succumb to the darkness, becoming "Dark Enoch." Once Armaros defeats Enoch, an enraged Belial launches the vileness at them. Lucifel rescues Enoch and leaves Armaros to be consumed alone.