The Veil is a weapon used by Enoch in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. It is the third and final weapon unlocked by Enoch. It is the fist of God which crushes anything in its path.


The Veil has two forms: a round shield for defense that can divided itself into two gauntlets for attacking.


Ground controlsEdit

  • Combo attack: 5 hit attack.
  • Charged attack: Enoch spins once then hits the ground with a strike of thunder.
  • Delayed attack in combo: A powerful hit capable a breaking the opponent's guard followed by a 5 hit combo.
  • Delayed charged attack in combo: Enoch dash-strikes towards his opponent.
  • Guard: Enoch protect the upper level of his body. The Veil will even protect him from flanked strikes.
  • Guard + Attack: A long ranged hit with both gauntlets followed by quick alternate hits from each gauntlets ending with a projective hit.
  • Guard + Jump: Progress Fort: Enoch will dash in the wanted direction while maintaining his guard.
  • Boost Skill: Enoch pounds the ground with the gantlets, with the thunder striking any enemy around him.

Air controlsEdit

  • Combo attack: 3 hits.
  • Charged attack: Enoch dashes from the air to strike.
  • Guard + Attack: Enoch hits the ground with the shield, creating an ejective thunder area-of-effect attack.



  • Best protection, but it isn't absolute.
  • Strongest attacks, and can break through the scenery, but that feature is used only twice.


  • Attacks lacks range.
  • It attacks slowly, leaving Enoch exposed to aggressive enemies, especially Arch wielding enemies.

Official descriptionEdit

"The weapons that appear in El Shaddai are all personifications of the wisdom of the angels taken away from Heaven by the fallen angels. One of them, the Veil, is a holy fist of God that delivers all-powerful, punishing blows which crush everything in their path.
A pair of Veils, one equipped on each arm, also forms the strongest of shields. During his battle, Enoch will take back his Veils and "purify" them to unleash their full latent powers."