The Vileness surrounding Ishtar 1

Vileness is a corruptible essence that originates from The Darkness.

Ishtar's soul, upon her death, avoided becoming corrupted by the vileness while it awaited for her resurrection. The vileness is also used as a power boost by the Grigori.


Chapter 04: Sariel's DeceptionEdit

Sariel is losing in his fight against Enoch so he accepts that he must abandon his humanity and intake the vileness which is now surrounding him. The vileness transforms him into a bat-like creature.

Chapter 08: Belial's DeceptionEdit

Armaros travels into The Darkness in order to rescue Enoch and Nanna. He soon finds Enoch who has succumbed to the vileness. He defeats Enoch and frees him of some of the corruption, but this angers Belial who launches a wave of vileness at the pair.

Lucifel rescues Enoch and leaves Armaros to be consumed alone.

Chapter 09: Enoch's IndecisionEdit

Enoch's soul travels to Heaven to purify itself of the vileness. It takes him ten years before he is ready to return to Earth.

Chapter 10: The Grave of ArakielEdit

When Enoch reaches the end of Arakiel's floor, he discovers Ishtar and Neph. The former is covered in vileness yet Ishtar urges Enoch to deal with Ezekiel first. During Enoch's battle with Ezekiel, Ezekiel uses the vileness to transform into a more powerful being. She still loses to Enoch, however.

Chapter 11: Semyaza's DreamEdit

During Enoch's battle with Azazel, the latter uses the vileness to transform into a bug-like creature. Enoch also encounters Armaros, who has succumbed to the vileness. After their fight, Enoch purifies Ishtar of the vileness clutching to her.